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PI attorneysNeck injuries are very common injuries from which many people suffer.  Studies show that up to one-quarter of Americans report having neck pain.  Pain in the neck area is the third cause of chronic pain.  There are many reasons why pain in the neck occurs.  It can be as simple as sleeping in an uncomfortable position for long enough that your upper body becomes stiff and uncomfortable.  It can be caused from standing in one place or in one position for too long without stretching or moving around.

Bad posture will also create neck pain – bad posture can cause tension in the upper back and shoulders that put pressure on the neck muscles.  Driving for extended periods of time, or even sitting at a desk day after day can cause stress and discomfort in this area as well.
More serious neck pain can be caused by more serious incidents such as a vehicular accident, being thrown from a horse, falling, or slipping on ice.  Whiplash is another major reason for neck pain.

Usually, a chiropractor can work out whatever issues are causing the pain by massaging and working the muscles, as well as readjusting the vertebrae.  However, sometimes, a chiropractor is not always required to get relief.
Stretching your neck from side to side, and back and forth, pausing for 20 seconds on each side will loosen the muscles and help restore some flexibility.

Massaging your own neck will often help to ease the discomfort and tension.  Applying heat to the sore area will reduce inflammation and will soothe the muscles.  Relaxing your neck muscles by laying down and giving the muscles a rest is beneficial as well.
These easy home remedies however, are not very effective for more serious injuries, such as those that result from traffic accidents.  Typically, these injuries are very serious and can, in some cases, be life-threatening.  In these instances, personal injury attorneys, or lawyers, are usually hired to work these cases.

PI Attorneys Fort Lauderdale Florida

For over 25 years, the personal injury law firm in Fort Lauderdale has specialized in handling personal injury cases.  It is our goal to help victims of accidents who were injured.  Many people accept pain as a normal part of life, but it does not have to be.  If you are the unfortunate victim of an accident, and are suffering from the effects of the aftermath, we are here to help.  If you were injured in an accident that was no fault of your own, we want you to get the justice you deserve.

Our personal injury lawyers specialize in wrongful death cases, product liability, property liability, vehicular accidents, medical malpractices, and other instances where injury or wrongful deaths occurred.  Even in the case of drowning or boating accidents, we have your back.

Three types of accidents and neck injuries we represent

Florida Injury LawyersPremises (or property) liability claims are what are filed when accidents happen to someone on another person’s dangerous or unsafe property.  A slippery sidewalk at a grocery store that results in a bad fall and extreme whiplash, or faulty amusement park equipment that caused an injury or bodily harm would surely fall under the category.

We will also provide legal counsel for those who fell victim, or were injured, in a traffic or boating accident.  If whiplash, a fractured spin, or other injuries occurred as a result of a vehicular accident or boating accident, we would represent your case.
If a medical malpractice would result in bodily harm, we would have your back.  If a mistake was made, for example, by a chiropractor that resulted in paralysis, we would cover you.

Here at the personal injury law firm Fort Lauderdale, we understand your needs

Our clients are very important to us and we handle each case carefully, treating them like our only case.  After handling thousands of cases, we also know that personal injury cases typically take a while; and they can not only be quite complicated, but can cost a ton of money, too.  Because of this, you need someone with experience, who will fight your battles for you.  Choose an attorney who will accurately represent you.