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How Long Will It Take A Personal Injury Law Firm To Resolve Your Case?

Kadakkavoor When you’ve suffered an injury due to an accident or negligence, of course you want it to be dealt with as swiftly as possible. No one wants to be dealing with a long, drawn out legal battle. Your PI attorneys know that, and they’ll be working hard to make sure that you get the settlement […]

7/22/2016 – Personal Injury Protection (PIP Law)

We all have to have Personal Injury Protection to drive legally in the State of Florida and in today’s world of medicine it’s hard enough for Doctor’s to get paid by insurer’s. Attorney’s Mac Phillips and Chris Tadros, of Phillips Tadros, P.A., specialize in PIP Law and explain what those 1-800 attorney referral services fail […]

Sexual Assault Victims File Civil Lawsuits Seeking Money Damages

Although the 50 woman who have come to light in the last year claiming that Bill Cosby sexually abused and raped them earlier in his career have undoubtedly brought new attention to the problem of sexual violence, there have been many research studies and other reports published in the last decade to document the distressingly […]

Why Are Filing Deadlines So Important?

Filing deadlines are like a cliff. Once you go over them, you can’t go back and there’s no parachute with a filing deadline. When you have notices of appeal or statutes of limitation, there’s no way to unring that bell when a mistake has been made. That’s why I don’t authorize them to a cliff […]