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Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and personal injury in the United States today. Often the negative impact of the car accident lasts long after the collision. Victims incur high costs due to medical expenses, auto repairs, and lost wages. Our team of personal injury attorneys at Florida Injury Lawyers are highly qualified and dedicated to helping you recover from these devastating events. A firm that is equipped with the latest technology, proper tools and resources, and financial capability is the answer to ensuring that justice will be served in all cases, even against the largest of companies. Our personal injury law firm can help with car accidents to recover losses in many ways.

Personal Injury Reimbursement

Personal injuries incurred by a car accident will negatively affect your life in a variety of areas. If transportation restrictions due to a loss of vehicle or injury restrictions result in lost time at work, the wages can add up to large deficits creating a harmful financial burden on the victim. A qualified pi attorney knows the right questions to ask and exactly the right areas where further investigation needs to take place in order to get the highest return for the client. Pain and suffering is also an important consideration which takes meticulous planning when represented to a judge to ensure that all of the client’s negative impacts are being thoroughly considered. Having an attorney that does not adequately represent your case will result in more lost time and wages to the client. That is why it is important to choose a firm with a strong background that you can trust to fight hard for you in your desperate times.

Personal Injury

Car Repair Reimbursement

Car accident victims deserve to return back to their normal life as soon as possible after the devastating event occurs. Often times the cause of the accident is not fully investigated by personal injury lawyers. Our experienced team of lawyers will take the time to help you understand all of the complex details of your auto claim. Insurance policy provisions such as Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits and Bodily Injury Liability or Property Injury Liability can be tough to navigate. Our team is dedicated helping you get the most return out of your insurance policy applying for these coverage benefits. We also can help you tackle the issues that arise with uninsured motorists or those that are underinsured and lacking sufficient coverage.

Medical Treatment

personal injury law firmA comprehensive medical treatment plan is important to restore total health to a suffering car accident victim. Diagnostic services, physical therapy, and costly prescriptions can cause added stress to a victim, and sometimes these out-of-pocket expenses are simply not an option. Hiring a qualified personal injury law firm to represent your case ensures that you can receive an extensive treatment plan that is free from financial restrictions. All costs incurred during treatment are covered by the lawsuit settlement. If surgical procedures are needed, they are not ruled out as an option of care. The esteemed medical facilities that work with our Fort Lauderdale PI law firm provide top-quality care with no restrictions to the patient, and our lawyers handle the rest.

Our Commitment to Help

Helping car accident victims is a top priority in our business plan. A victim in distress should have somewhere to go to find informative legal help. Our PI law firm prides itself in being able to help car accident victims return to their normal daily lives as they knew it before the car accident as quick as possible. Our treatment plans and ability to obtain the highest possible settlements greatly reduces the long-term effects of the catastrophic event. We will fight hard for you, leaving no detail overlooked. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with the quality medical care that they deserve, and resources to address all of their concerns. Our long-standing reputation and satisfied clients will prove to you that restoring financial, physical, and emotional health is our objective and our greatest attribute. Florida Injury Lawyers are here to help you with all of the negative impacts that have taken place as a result of your car accident, and we look forward to working for you.