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If you’ve been in an accident, one of the biggest and most important questions that you were going to need to ask yourself is this: do you need to contact a slip and fall attorney? Most importantly, how bad is your injury? These questions lead into a series of other questions that will help you to figure out whether or not you need to call someone and protect your right to compensation.

What is the Extent of your Injury?

Some injuries are more severe than others, for example, you could have a broken leg that causes you significant pain and suffering. Then again, it could be something as simple as whiplash, which still causes you discomfort. Unfortunately, the courts will not actually take you at your word when you talk about your injury; you are going to need to see a licensed and certified physician who will be able to provide proper statements to the court, otherwise, you will have a difficult time proving it.

What Inconvenience Has your Injury Caused?

Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyersInjuries can be pretty bad; there’s not really any doubt about that, but sometimes it all comes down to figuring out what the injury has caused to happen in your life. For example, you may find yourself off of work for an extended period of time due to a broken leg, and this would necessitate compensation from the responsible party.

There are insurance companies that pay for that, however, it would still be nice to recoup the expenses in civil court. If you find that your injury is causing your lifestyle to change significantly, and if you are unable to support yourself, or your loved ones, then yes, you need to speak to Fort Lauderdale slip and fall lawyers immediately.

Who is At Fault?

This is something that the courts should be answering, but before you get there, you should have some idea of the outcome. In every state, there are clear laws that help to determine who caused the accident, and whether or not there was negligence involved.

On the subject of negligence, a court of law will examine a few important factors. For example, were you at work? If so, did your employer do something to cause the accident? Take a wet floor as one instance; if the floor is wet, and it does not have any type of warning sign, then the employer might be negligent if you slip and fall. Sometimes the courts will go further, to determine whether or not there was something that you could have done prevent the accident yourself. In the end, it’s a bit of a legal mess, and you’re going to need a professional to help you work your way through it every single time.

Get Help from the Professionals

Fort Lauderdale slip and fall law firmIf you have never dealt with a case like this before, there is a chance that you might, just might be thinking about taking it on by yourself. You’ve seen it done on television a million and one times, after all. The problem is that court cases in real life are rarely as simple as the ones you see on TV, and you’re going to need an attorney to help you navigate the relatively murky waters of the legal system.

Even if you feel that you have an open and shut case (it always seems like that), you’re still going to want to contact us, an experienced Fort Lauderdale slip and fall law firm that can get you the result you need. Remember, at the end of the day, what you truly want is the compensation that you deserve, and the last thing that you ever want to do, is literally hand the case to the defendant. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and we’re going to get you exactly what you need.