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Acts of Negligence

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There are many cases where people have to deal with an injury where the person who caused the accident isn’t taking responsibility for their actions. This is called a negligence case, harm caused by carelessness and not intentional harm. Here at Florida Injury Law we have the tools and resources to give you what you need and will make sure that you are well taken care of. There are a few elements of a negligence case, which should be looked over to prove that the defendant is liable for your injuries before deciding to move forward with hiring an attorney. Many times there are events which occur that are hard to pinpoint who was at fault, and this is why having a lawyer by your side will work out in your best interest. The most important part of any injury case is your health, but if you do not have the proper legal representation to help win your case you will risk not being compensated for your injuries. We have all of the tools and resources available to make sure that you will not have to deal with any issues down the line and are always ready to give you what you need.

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Take a quick look around our website to see what services we have available for you to choose from and see what will work for you and your particular situation! You can also give us a call at 1-800-909-5529 to speak to one of our representatives for a much better idea of what can be done for you. Every case is different and with different types of injuries comes different solutions and payouts to the claimant. Having a reliable and reputable Florida Injury Lawyer will keep you safe in the long run and should be your first priority. Click here to learn more about other acts of negligence to get a better idea of the terms and conditions of choosing to go this route. Cases based on acts of negligence can become very complicated and it is advised that you get the right representation in a court of law to avoid any problems. Florida Injury Law is always ready to serve and our team is well known for always enhancing our skills while moving forward in the process to give you great value!

Juries are expected to gather all information regarding your case including:
• The proximate cause
• Breech of duty
• Damages

If You Have a Complicated Case To Deal With we’ve Got You Covered

Proximate cause relates to the scope of responsibility that you (the defendant) hold in a negligence case. If you make sure that things are taken care of before its too late you will be happy with the results. Our team having some of the highest ratings from Martindale-Hubbell, AVVO, Superlawyers, Florida Trend Legal Elite, etc. can give you peace of mind and confidence in our ability to get you what you need. Being compensated for an injury can often become a long and drawn out process but very possible to do. You will be amazed at our level of commitment towards getting things done for you! Our 24-hour consultation will allow you to step forward without any obligation to see if we are the right option for you. Click here and take a quick look around at what others are saying about our services and see what can be done for you today. Do not miss out on this opportunity to work with the best and see if we are able to get things done for you the way you want. Negligence cases can be really complicated but if done the proper way you will have a strong case that will give you the best chances at success. We offer 24-hour consultation to help you make the best possible decision and will be more than willing to provide you with all of the tools needed in order to become fully equipped. With vast knowledge in personal injury law and a commitment to serve, we have worked hard to build our team of qualified lawyers. The web has tons of options available and this is why you should be cautious about who you decide to work with!