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Boating Accidents

Florida Boat Accident Lawyer Florida’s Intercoastal Waterway, the Keys, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean are by far the best and most diverse waters for boating and fishing in the United States.  The sheer number of boaters on our waters gives rise to an increased risk of an accident for boaters.  Members of our team have been boating for over forty years.  They know how to properly handle power and sail boats as well as the law that uniquely affects accidents that occurs upon navigable waterways.

It should go without saying that the operation of any boat while under the influence of alcohol or while otherwise impaired is especially dangerous. Individuals are regularly arrested for boating while intoxicated. Some people seem to believe that it is acceptable to drink and drive a boat, but it is not. These types of activities combined with inexperience and inattention can result in serious or fatal accidents.

If your loved one has been injured or died from a boating accident in Florida waters you should be aware that there is a legal deadline for filing such a claim. Therefore, you should contact an experienced Florida boat accident lawyer immediately.

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