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Hundreds Mourn Teen Killed in Fort Lauderdale Boat Accident

A recent boating accident left a town full of people and a congregation wondering why such things have to happen to youths with high potential. Six high school friends were taking a trip and spending quality time together when their boat crashed into a bridge that was lying low. Five of the victims received varying degrees of injuries, with the worst one including possible paralysis. John Baker was the only one who lost his life in the incident. He was 17 years old and had his life ahead of him. The names of his high school friends are Kevin Hurst, Sean Mahoney, George Marshall, Christ Gernert and Emily Giusti.

The young man’s parents and his fellow classmates burned candles for him and supported each other after his demise. An investigation began, as well. The investigators discovered that the boat was most likely at its maximum loading capacity at the time of the incident. The manufacturer designed the boat to hold no more than 900 pounds of the weight. The experts said that the weight of the riders had to be under 900 pounds for the ride to be safe. Furthermore, the riders had to be evenly scattered about the boat and not gathered together in the rear transom. A Broward County boating accident attorney may be able to help the family of the deceased boy and his friends. How Can a Boating Accident Help?

A Fort Lauderdale boating accident attorney can help by reviewing the case and then examining it for neglect. The Broward County boating accident attorney may be able to prove that someone was guilty of neglect, which caused the boat to crash into the bridge. If such is the case, then the attorney can request compensatory damages and punitive damages that can help the survivors pay for their medical bills, therapies, medications, household bills and more. Such funds can also help the young man’s parents pay for his funeral.

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