Settlement for Seat Belted Passanger
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Settlement for Seat Belted Passanger $200k

firm attorney, Esq., achieves $200,000.00 settlement for seat belted passenger of a car involved in one car accident. Oliver T. was the seat belted passenger in a car operated by Joel Weiss on a rainy wet afternoon when Weiss decided to show Oliver just how fast his car to go in a residential neighborhood in North Miami Beach. Oliver and Joel attended a party where underage drinking took place. Joel had consumed alcoholic beverages before operating the car. The trial court granted leave to seek punitive damages against Joel Weiss based upon his outrageous speed and consumption of alcohol. During the crash the car rolled multiple times and the vehicle skipped through three adjacent residential properties before crashing into a tree. Oliver sustained injuries to his foot and ankle requiring surgery. Well the case settled against the operator a claim remains against the owner of the vehicle, Dr. Eduardo Weiss, Joel’s father.